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Fire safety

Complex development of process solutions to provide fire safety of buildings and structures (new construction, reconstruction of operating plants) using up-to-date means and systems of the object fire protection.

Main activities:

  • determination of main solutions to provide fire safety of the designed objects based on the actual legislation, normative-technical documentation, methodical and reference literature;
  • object classification on fire-resistance, on classes of functional and constructive fire danger, on categories of fire and explosion danger, on fire classes and zone classes;
  • determination of necessary fire protection for the elements of engineering structures of buildings (constructions);
  • fire risk estimation; substantiation of possible fire isolation and elimination in the buildings and structures by efforts of fire brigades;
  • development of fire safety certificates of protection objects;
  • development of special technical requirements in terms of fire safety concerning the objects for which there are no design regulations (wide-span stockpiles of ore and mineral fertilizers, main buildings of dressing plants, objects of interdepartment transport etc.);
  • development of sections 9 «Measures on fire safety assurance» and 8 «Measures on fire safety assurance» for linear objects.
+7 (342) 216-68-17 614002, Russia, Perm, Sibirskaya st., 94
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