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Hydrotechnical constructions

Design of hydrotechnical constructions of different types using up-to-date water seal materials and structures which provide operation reliability and safety.

Main activities:

  • design of:

    • hydrotechnical constructions industrial waste ponds, including sludge depositories, salt tailings piles, sediment ponds;
    • river hydrotechnical constructions of II – IV classes (dikes, dams, coast establishing, regulating and barrier structures, water drainage, water outlets and channels);
    • sealing and drainage systems;
    • hydrotechnical constructions being a part of engineering protection complexes of settlements and enterprises;
    • structures of industrial transport;
    • water-draining collectors and culverts;

  • development of the projects on safety monitoring of hydrotechnical constructions;
  • development of safety declarations of hydrotechnical constructions, as well as sections of engineering-technical measures of civil defense and prevention of emergency situations in terms of hydrotechnical constructions;
  • research works to obtain initial data for design.
+7 (342) 216-68-17 614002, Russia, Perm, Sibirskaya st., 94
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