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Mechanical and process profile

Development of new and improvement of current processes for new construction and reconstruction of operating mining and dressing enterprises.

Main activities:

  • development and improvement of integration technological and process instrumentation diagrams; in-line and transport diagrams;
  • development of layout solutions;
  • calculations of material, heat, water balances, quality-quantity flow sheets of dressing plants; drying and granulation processes;
  • calculation and selection of process equipment including conveyor and pneumatic transport;
  • calculations of emissions of pollutants into the atmosphere;
  • design of ore stockpiles, finished products, waste (with transfer units and galleries); pneumatic transport systems, loading units, chemical plants; repair workshops, parking facilities, equipment stocks; pulp preparation points for backfill of mined-out areas with waste;
  • development of construction documentation for non-standard equipment and products (mixers, containers, frames, fire fighting doors, automatic doors etc.).
+7 (342) 216-68-17 614002, Russia, Perm, Sibirskaya st., 94
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