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News 2021

Employees of VNII Galurgii JSC took part in the International conference “Plaksinskiye chteniya-2021. Problems of complex and environmentally friendly processing of natural and man-made mineral raw materials“

On October 4-8, 2021 the International conference “Problems of complex and environmentally friendly processing of natural and man-made mineral raw materials“ (Plaksinskiye chteniya-2021) was held in Vladikavkaz (Republic of North Ossetia-Alania), organized by the Scientific Council of the Russian Academy of Sciences dealing with the problems of mineral processing, the Institute of Integrated Subsoil Development Problems named after Academician N.V. Melnikov of the Russian Academy of Sciences (IPCON RAS), North Caucasus Mining and Metallurgical Institute (State Technological University).

150 representatives from 51 companies including 15 academic and 11 industry institutes, 9 large mining and metallurgical companies took part in Plaksinskiye chteniya-2021. Papers were made by the scientists of Russia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Uzbekistan, Vietnam, Mongolia. 1 Full member of the Russian Academy of Sciences, 35 Doctors of Sciences, 36 Candidates of Sciences including 30 young scientists participated in the plenary session and sections of the conference. 11 plenary lectures were given in the conference, 127 papers were presented in 5 sections including 30 papers - online.

The papers presented in the conference were devoted to the analysis of current state of mineral resource base of the Russian Federation, main courses of its development to provide high-tech industries with raw materials, current problems of improving the efficiency of dressing and processing of various types of minerals, development and use of new technologies and equipment for the extraction of valuable components, application of digital technologies in mining and dressing, predictive quality assessment of unconventional minerals, and possibility of its processing using methods of technological mineralogy.

Joint Stock Company VNII Galurgii delegated a team of three persons to the conference: Stanislav N. Titkov (Director of technological research section, Candidate of Science), Alexey V. Konobeevskikh (chief of research laboratory of flotation and reagents), Elena I. Afonina (leading research associate of research laboratory of flotation and reagents).

A paper “Improvement of potash ore processing technology - new flotation reagents” was presented (co-authored with the Candidate of Science S.N. Aliferova, Uralkali PJSC). The authors acquainted the scientific community with the results of laboratory and industrial tests of new reagents for flotation enrichment of potash ores. Slurry collector КЭ-40 and slurry depressor К-6 were recommended for industrial use.

The paper aroused great interest and was supported by the audience of the conference.


In 2021 Joint Stock Company VNII Galurgii celebrated its 90th Anniversary. Today VNII Galurgii JSC is a leading company in potash and salt industry of the country, one of the few integrated organizations in the world engaged in research and design work in the field of mining and processing of halurgic and hydromineral raw materials. In honor of the Institute's anniversary a book «ВНИИ Галургии. История. Технологии. Люди» (“VNII Galurgii. History. Technologies. People”) has been issued. Also an Anniversary edition of the «Горного журнала» № 4-2021 (Mining Journal) has been issued.

According to the results of the First International Construction Championship, which took place in Sochi on April 20-23, 2021, the team of VNII Galurgii JSC won the first place in the team nomination "Information modeling and design".

The First International Construction Championship (Sochi, April 20-23, 2021) is a competition of professional skills among companies and organizations of the construction complex of industrial facilities. About 500 specialists from Russia, Egypt, Turkey, Kazakhstan, Belarus fought for the status of the strongest. Teams from 17 companies implementing large-scale infrastructure projects around the world took part in the competition.

Competitions within the championship were held in 19 engineering and working nominations integrated into three areas: Industrial construction, Managing construction project and Design of industrial facilities.

All championship nominations deserve special attention. The team of VNII Galurgii JSC competed in one of the most difficult nominations – “Information modeling and design”, oriented for using BIM-technologies in design and their practical implementation in real facilities of capital construction and technical re-equipment of buildings and structures. In this nomination, 5 companies - finalist leaders - competed with each other.

Terms and objectives of the championship in the team nomination "Information modeling and design”:

Synchronize object models and resource-technology models (RTM) with each other, calculate cost of the objects "In the moment", compare three variants of construction process, justify/visualize results of the work.

The real object (initial data) is the "National Medical Research Center of Pediatric Hematology, Oncology, and Immunology named after Rogachev".

Deadline for the final task was 2 days.

The jury evaluated two stages of the work performance:

  1. “Home task: “Completeness and quality of the object digital model of the facilities” according to the criteria:
    • Availability of the object digital models and compliance of technical solutions with the design documentation issued as initial data
    • Availability of a summary object digital information model
    • Availability of BIM Execution Plan
    • Correct binding of the summary model to geographical and altitude coordinates
    • Availability of RTM in the form of local estimates associated with the object digital information model in current prices
    • Auditing the object digital information model of the building, identifying physical and intellectual collisions (Technical experts noted that this level was the first time)

  2. “Final stage: Evaluation of RTM and digital construction project (DCP)" according to the criteria:
    • Availability of the construction project based on the object digital information model, which includes interlinked data for the management of construction processes
    • Determining the need for building structures, materials and equipment, labor resources, machinery and mechanisms with a breakdown by construction period
    • Forming RTM based on the analysis of construction production methods according to several criteria
    • Comparing sequential, parallel, and inline methods of facility construction
    • Creating presentation materials: visualization of the object and the construction process. Presenting RТМ and DCP
    • Responding to the jury questions

      In the process, the competitors used about 25 types of software, several dozen data formats, which had to be linked together.

      In the final, it was necessary to compare different methods of organizing the construction work and to defend the obtained results.

      The expert jury noted not only the high professionalism of our team, but also a strong team spirit, which were reflected in the final result: First place in the nomination "Information modeling and design". The results of the team's efforts were transferred for implementation in a real facility - the national medical centre.

      Additionally our team received a special award from the Russian representative office of Building Smart "For the best practical application of knowledge in the openBIM approach".

      The jury noted the amazing results: intellectual complexity and uniqueness of the proposed solutions, their objective validity and practical applicability, high willingness of our specialists to do real job in order to optimize the construction stages.

      The participants have set the level of professional skill, which serves as a benchmark for the companies of the industrial complex and will bring the construction process to a new level.

      The championship revealed the best among specialists who create the architecture of digital twins and apply them in practice.

      The First International Construction Championship and all the participants wrote themselves into the history of BIM development, becoming the first in the field of real implementation of 4.0 Industry.

    Awarding academic degrees to employees of the Institute

    • To the General Director – Dmitriy N. Shkuratskiy;
    • To the chief of the Research laboratory of mine shaft construction and operation – Vladislav V. Tarasov;
    • To the senior research associate of the Research laboratory of mine shaft construction and operation – Varvara S. Pestrikova.


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