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Research activity

VNII Galurgii JSC conducts a wide range of research in potash, salt and related industries. In the recent years VNII Galurgii JSC has been focusing on solving tasks for development of technology for potash ore mining and processing in the plants and mines of one of the world potash industry leaders – Uralkali PJSC.

The institute's team of experienced specialists successfully solves current and strategic challenges facing potash and salt industries. The developed and realized scientific-technical and design solutions facilitate a stable operation of plants and mines, issue of competitive products, provide quality scientific-technical service for mining and chemical and salt plants.

Mining and geological research section of VNII Galurgii JSC consists of 8 research laboratories in Perm and Saint Petersburg.

Technological research section consists of 4 research laboratories, two sectors and a semiplant situated in Saint Petersburg and Berezniki.


  • geology and mineralogy of potash and potash-magnesium deposits;
  • hydrogeology and hydrology of mineral deposits;
  • water environment protection;
  • construction and safe operation of potash mine shafts;
  • ground penetrating radar, seismic survey, electric survey (including electrical tomography) of potash deposits, salt tailings piles;
  • mining process;
  • geotechnology (underground leaching);
  • process of storage and disposal of potash production waste;
  • process of backfill operations and materials;
  • development of efficient methods for mine decontamination and ventilation, decrease of air-flow resistance of workings;
  • geomechanical monitoring of the process of ground surface movement;
  • geomechanical initial data for projects of mining of potash and salt mine reserves;
  • diagnostics of state of buildings and structures using nondestructive testing methods (ultrasound tomography and ground penetrating radar);
  • definition of physical and mechanical properties of rocks.


  • ore dressing before flotation and halurgic processing of potash-magnesium ores;
  • process and equipment of halurgic production of fertilizers and salts;
  • process and equipment of flotation of water-soluble mineral resources;
  • physical-chemical relationships of flotation separation of minerals;
  • intensification of thickening and dewatering processes of ore processing products;
  • technology of processing of hydromineral raw materials;
  • drying and granulation of potash chloride;
  • automation and process control;
  • standardization of potash and salt products;
  • research of physical and mechanical properties of fertilizers and development of technology for elimination of flaking and caking of fertilizers;

Director of technological research section in Saint Petersburg, phone: +7 812 376-9410

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+7 (342) 216-68-17 614002, Russia, Perm, Sibirskaya st., 94
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