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Ore flotation process and reagents

Research laboratory of flotation and reagents of VNII Galurgii JSC (Saint Petersburg branch) was established on the base of the institute’s dressing laboratory which in the 1950s of the XX century began to develop a technology of flotation processing of water-soluble minerals in the Soviet Union.

Main activities:

  • research of colloid-chemical, sorbate and flotation properties of surface-active materials and organic polymers to determine conditions of flotation separation of salt and clay-carbonate minerals in salt solutions;
  • survey of new reagents for dressing potash and potash-magnesium ores;
  • development of ore dressing process before potash ore flotation;
  • development of reagent and processing methods for flotation processing of water-soluble mineral resources with different composition (potash, potash-magnesium, carnallite ores etc.);
  • development of reagent methods for intensification of filtration and thickening processes of clay and salt derivative products;
  • development of process sheets and regulations for new and operating plants, technical assistance with debugging and implementation of processes;
  • development of the initial data for design of reconstruction of operating potash plants and construction of new potash plants.

Phone of the Director for research of Saint Petersburg branch: +7 812 3769410

+7 (342) 216-68-17 614002, Russia, Perm, Sibirskaya st., 94
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