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News 2019

VNII Galurgii JSC is included in top-30 design companies of Russia

According to the data of the systems which analyze accounting and economic reporting today in Russia VNII Galurgii JSC takes the 24th place among 1.5 thousands companies declaring design and engineering as key activity. Ranking composed by Euromedia Publishing House includes the biggest companies in Russia on total revenue in roubles according the results of 2018. Information for the ranking was presented by the companies themselves, and in case of non-presenting it was taken from the formal annual reports.



Specialists of VNII Galurgii JSC took part in the meeting of the working party for reclamation, environment protection and best available technologies in the mining industry within the limits of Russian-German commodity forum, devoted to the issues of restoration of disturbed lands, groundwater treatment, ecological monitoring during recultivation of pits.
VNII Galurgii JSC presented a paper “Technical solutions for recultivation of tailings facilities”. The paper considered issues of recultivation of salt tailings pile slopes under conditions of tight areas, i.e. when it is impossible to use traditional technologies on flattening or terracing of slopes.

Developments of VNII Galurgii JSC successfully presented in “Plaksinskiye chteniya – 2019”

This year the International meeting of the Russian Academy of Sciences “Problems and prospects of mineral stock efficient processing in the XXI century. Plaksinskiye chteniya – 2019” was held on 9-14 September in Irkutsk national research technical university (Irkutsk). 150 scientists and specialists of research and design institutes, higher schools and industrial enterprises from Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, South Africa and France took part in the event. 200 papers, including 11 plenary papers were heard.

The meeting consisted of 4 sections:
- Process mineralogy. Disintegration and ore processing
- Flotation, gravitation, magnetic and electro-magnetic separation
- Complex processing of mineral stock, hydrometallurgical processes
- Processing of man-made raw materials. Environmental and economical aspects

A paper “Development of technology for potash ore processing” (co-authors А.V. Konobeevskikh, Е.I. Afonina) was presented by the director of technological research section of VNII Galurgii JSC S.N. Titkov. The paper considers ways of improving technology of preliminary ore de-slime and further sylvite flotation depending on mineralogical composition of water-insoluble ore impurities and liquid phase temperature, as well as on use of depressor-reagents for cationic flotation.

Plaksinskiye chteniya are held each autumn starting from 1977 in memory of an academician, a corresponding member of the Academy of Sciences of USSR Igor N. Plaksin. He became a founder of the Soviet research school in the sphere of mineral processing and hydrometallurgy of rare, non-ferrous and precious metals, he was a laureate of State prize of USSR twice.


The team of VNII Galurgii JSC took part in the VII annual competition of profession skill “The best in the profession in the complex of capital construction of atomic industry” and won the prize 2 place in nomination “Information modeling and design” with close race from the winner – JSC FCS&HT “SNPO “Eleron” (74 points against 74,8).

The competition was held by State corporation Rosatom with support of the Ministry of Construction of the Russian Federation in Krasnodar. Totally 30 people as part of 6 teams took part in the final on nomination. A task was set to fulfil the competition’s tasks properly in short term:

  • to make a composite information model of pump station and cooling tower buildings;
  • to combine the buildings in a process system and bind to geographical coordinates;
  • to fill the model with attribute and classification information;
  • to execute drawings and specifications related to the model on four sections;
  • to clean the model from collisions to the maximum (section crossings);
  • to make 4D construction schedule;
  • to defend the work to judges.

The Competition’s judges particularly noted well coordinated team work and professional behaviour of the employees of VNII Galurgii JSC.

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